e-mail: business@christopherjernberg.com, personal@christopherjernberg.com

cell phone (NYC): 646.344.0465

Born Stockholm, Sweden, 1971.

BFA: Painting/ Sculpture, the Academy of Art College, 1996

Film studies at the Academy of Art College, 1996 to 2000

Professional film work, 1996 to present

Teacher in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Anatomy at the Academy of Art College from 1996 to 2003

Solo shows

12/2002 Dancing on the edge Hotel Biron
San Francisco, CA
7/2001 The Enlightenment Series Charlie's
San Francisco, CA
7/1998 Archetypes LeBeuf, Lamb, Greene & McRae
San Francisco, CA
5/1996 Mariposa and the Androgynous State of Mind AAC 625 Gallery
San Francisco, CA

Two man show

5/2003 beauty commerce adaptation The Shooting Gallery
San Francisco, CA

Group shows

10/2003 Artisans' National Juried Exhibition Artisans Gallery
Mill Valley, CA
8/2003 The Gun Show The Shooting Gallery
San Francisco, CA
7/2003 Fundraiser Event SOMArts Cultural Center
San Francisco, CA
6/2003 The Erotic Show The Shooting Gallery
San Francisco, CA
8/2002 The Saga Project The Saga Project Gallery
Mill Valley, CA
5/2001 5 555 Natoma Gallery
San Francisco, CA
5/1996 Lana Paper Art Show Kismet Gallery
San Jose, CA
7/1995 - The City Club
San Francisco, CA

Public collectors

Royal Army Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
Skövde Army Base, Sweden
City Hall, San Francisco, CA
War Memorial Museum, San Francisco, CA
Swedenborg Church, San Francisco, CA
Congregation Beth Israel Judeah, San Francisco, CA
Menlo College, Menlo Park, CA 1998-2002
Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA
The Theatre on San Pedro Square, San Jose, CA
Ras Abu Soma Int, Marbeia, Spain

Private collectors

Seth Friedman, Computer Engineer, San Francisco, CA
Willie Brown, Mayor of San Francisco, CA
Holly Zaffoli, Owner of Healing Center, San Francisco, CA
Carol and Jim Fotenos, Socialite/ ret. Publisher and Attorney, San Francisco, CA
Ann Margret, Movie Star/ Entertainer, Los Angeles, CA
Caroline and Martin Lizzaraga, Interior decorator and Owner of Stock Trading Firm, San Francisco, CA
Carmen De la Mano, Interior decorator, San Francisco, CA
Peter Napoli, Stock Broker, San Francisco, CA
Lynn Luckow, ret. Publisher, Philanthropist, San Francisco, CA
Niklas Andersson, Owner of Meat Packing Company, Stockholm, Sweden
Mattias Johansson, Master Chef, Stockholm, Sweden
Patrik Wallgren, Adventurer, Stockholm, Sweden
Hélena Nybacka, Owner of Advertising Agency, Publisher, Art dealer, Stockholm, Sweden
Amy De Salvatore, Computer Industry, San Francisco, CA
Jane O'Leary, Actor, New York, New York
Tushar Shah, Computer Industry, New York, New York
Robert Thompson, Attorney, New York, New York
Mimi Bell, Owner of Hair/ Beauty Salon, San Francisco, CA
Nico and Marie Van Dongen, Director of Graphic Design Department and Teacher, San Francisco, CA
J Alec Zander, Head of Student Activities at Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA
Juliette Goldman, Investor, Burlingame, CA
Lee Anne Stohlman, Nurse, San Diego, CA
Steen, Gallery Owner, San Francisco, CA
John Robertson, San Diego, CA
Brian Thies, Artist, San Francisco, CA
Michael Criesman, ret. Store Display Director, San Francisco, CA
Terry Copeland, Security guard, San Francisco, CA
Lisa Otero, San Francisco, CA
Anita Hedlund, ret. Buyer in Fashion Industry, Stockholm, Sweden
Nico Nicolaides, Photo journalist/ Intellectual, San Francisco, CA
Aya Kotake, Graphic Designer, New York, New York
Helena Wallenten, Graphic Designer, San Francisco, CA
Roseanne O. Kang, Graphic Designer, New York, New York
Ron Sandoval, Artist/ Landscape Designer, Berkeley, CA
Gayle meyers, Sales Director, New York, New York
Essence Goldman, Rock Star, San Francisco, CA
Mary Peevey, Owner of Design Firm, San Francisco, CA
Eulalia Carry, Business Manager, San Francisco, CA
Holly Sykes, San Francisco, CA
Justin Giarla, Gallery Owner, San Francisco, CA
Yuri Psinakis, Artist/ Dealer/ Collector, San Francisco, CA
Jörgen Brennicke, Fashion Photographer, Stockholm, Sweden
Stas Rutkowski, Creative Director, San Francisco, OR